Floral Pattern Design

The Hollyhocks
Inspired by hollyhocks. Various coloured flowers make a bright mood.
Repeat size / 500mm*640mm

The British Garden
Inspired by British garden. Vintage mood with bold flowers using vivid colours.
Repeat size / 500mm*640mm

The Mugunghwa
Inspired by Mugunghwa, which is Korea national flower. 
Meaning “eternal blossom that never fades,” it has been an essential symbol of Korean culture for centuries.
They are combined with paisley to create an oriental mood.
Repeat size / 300mm*320mm

The Flowers
Inspired by small flowers in a garden. Exhibiting cosy, calm and warm mood.
Repeat size / 260mm*320mm

The leaves
Inspired by tropical leaves. Catch eyes with a prominent contrast between leaves and black background.
Repeat size / 30mm*320mm

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