Senny Lim

Lifestyle Healing Illustrator, Surface Print Designer

Senny Lim is a lifestyle healing illustrator and a surface designer currently based in Seoul and London. She was born in South Korea and she graduated in visual art from Kyung Hee university in Korea. She initially started out her career as an wallpaper designer at the Seoul wallpaper company then she progressed into fabric textiles in London where she was working at Mirjam Rouden textile studio. Since then, she has found a passion to create modern visual illustrations based around human emotions, animals as companions and the planet preservation. She draws various animated cats and rabbits with a lot of expressions and soothing landscapes to give a soft impression and imagination through the minds of the people visualising her artwork. This is her trademark and uniqueness in reaching out to empathise with the volatile everyday situations that we face.

Exhibition &  Awards


2022.12 <The Hyundai Digital Art Contest> Special Prize
<The Urban wave> Vanguard Artist Society gallery, Seoul, South Korea
<Digital Voyage> Seoul Metro gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2022.10 <The 43rd Art Festival> Bronze Prize
2022.04 <Digital Voyage> Special Prize
2022.02 <The Dream> D.Kunst gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2021.11 <The Livingroom of the 1920s> KOTE gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2021.10 <The Secret Garden> Ninewells gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2021.06 <Food> Seongsu S Factory gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2020.11 <Dfining Today> Seoul Community Radio, Seoul, South Korea
2015 The 19th Busan Textile Competition Award / Special Prize
2015 The 17th Traditional Culture Pattern Design Competition Award / Special Prize
2014 The 3th Kyobo Calligraphy Competition Award / The 3rd Prize


BA Visual Design at College of Arts, Kyung Hee University, South Korea
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